26/06/2019: “You Better (Original Mix)” by Mount Rushmore

I love a bit of old school organ house. The big, bold vocals, the funky drums rhythms, and naturally, the fat organ basslines!

The title of this one is a bit confusing, because the song was re-released a few times in the 90s. The first release was 1996, where this version is called the Andi Amo Mix. The popular ’98 release calls the song “Original Mix”.

It was a real crossover track, big in the house scene and the speed garage scene.

The vocal is powerful, in a way which is not exclusive to this sort of music, but still very much connected with it.

These songs live or die by their basslines, and this has a real stomper. It’s a classic heavy organ bass, relentlessly groovy and very catchy.

The drums have a bit of a tribal feeling to them, with a subtle bongo/conga roll…

The big organ chords are proper hands in the air stuff, complementing the bass perfectly.

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