26/07/2018: “Brianstorm” by Arctic Monkeys

The Arctic Monkeys have come a long way since their debut album in 2005. They’re big fish now. Big players. They’re slick, they’re ambitious, and to be honest, much less exciting.

For me though, the first few albums were golden. “Brianstorm” is from the second album, released in 2007, called Favourite Worst Nightmare. 

It’s fast, angry, cheeky; it’s just classic Arctic Monkeys.

The song starts with a flurry of drumming and furious guitar shredding, until the main guitar riff materialises and Alex Turner’s droney Sheffield tones come in.

The song is energetic throughout, and switches between rhythms and melodies effortlessly. I don’t see how you could get bored with this!

The song was apparently written about a proper smooth bloke the band had met while touring. It’s a tribute to a legend…




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