27/07/2018: “Sweetheart” by Thin Lizzy

This song has been chosen mainly because of the melodies. The guitar riffs are absolutely fantastic, and although the vocal melodies are a key part of the song, I’m not a massive fan of the lyrics. They’re a bit wishy washy for me in parts…

Anyway, the song is a classic rock song. They just don’t make  ’em like this anymore!

The song is from Thin Lizzy’s 1980 album, Chinatown. The lack of Gary Moore’s guitar playing — he was one of the best– dampens the quality of the album, but “Sweetheart” is just a very likeable song.

That said, the album’s poor critical reception disguises just how hard it is to get a song like “Sweetheart” out of your head. It’s good at what it does.

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