27/04/2018: “Does Your Mother Know” by ABBA


ABBA have announced today that they are releasing some new songs, the first since 1982. It seems like a good time choose an ABBA song!

“Does Your Mother Know” is one of the more dance-floor ready ABBA tunes, which is saying a lot really. The song kicks off with a chunky bassline, which chugs along nicely until the verse kicks in. ABBA truly excel at producing stellar melodies, and here they really come through with a great guitar riff, smooth vocals (normally it’s the women who sing but it’s good stuff), and of course, a fantastic chorus.

The song came out in 1979 onĀ Voulez Vouz!, and was released as a single.

With the ubiquitous I.D checks these days, the song isn’t so relatable, but it’s a great song nonetheless…

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