28/04/2018: “A Face In The Crowd (Dub Mix)” by DJ Assassin


House music can sometimes be a bit repetitive. But often it needs to be; a club setting is all about having a groove for dancers.

DJ Assassin gives a masterclass on how to keep a solid groove rolling for a decent few minutes with “A Face In The Crowd”. The drums kick hard, with a fat kick drum, a boisterous set of skippy snares and crisp hi-hats all creating a great foundation. Then there’s the almost underwater sounding bass, with a dynamic warp to it, which nonetheless provides a bit of weight without dominating proceedings.

The song originally came out in 1998 but it’s such a classic it got a re-issue in 2011.

The strings and pads are ethereal and give the track a floaty feeling up until the plucked riff kicks in. After that the song really comes into its own as a beach party anthem. It isn’t easy to make an energetic dance banger that still feels chilled out, but DJ Assassin nailed it with this one. Absolute belter of a tune.

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