27/09/2018: “Serious” by Coki

“Serious” is under the name of Digital Mystikz, the pioneering dubstep duo consisting of Mala and Coki.

However, along with the rest of the album it is drawn from (Urban Ethics), it is produced by Coki.

It’s quite easy to distinguish the two if you know their styles; Coki specialises in huge wobbling dancefloor destroyers, and digi-dub songs like this one.

There’s a couple of other dubby songs on the album, but “Serious” is a pretty unique sort of tune.

It isn’t complicated, with only 5 elements. There’s the drums, with their shuffling, syncopated hi-hats, half time snares, and sparse kick drum.

There’s the flute, which says a lot by the silence in between notes in many ways, by letting the rest of the song  speak. But it’s undeniably the hook of the song.

There’s also the horns stabs, a dub classic, but here used in a minimalist way to emphasise the other parts of the song. Along with that, the guitar skanks on the upbeat reinforce that core dubbyness!

Finally, the bass provides the counterpoint to the flute, with a lovely warm sound that is unusual for a dubstep sub bass. It’s a lively melody in of itself.

Urban Ethics was released in 2010, the second LP on the highly respected DMZ label after Mala’s Return II Space. 

Cracking little tune…

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