26/09/2018: “I’m In Love” by Evelyn “Champagne” King

Evelyn King’s 1981 hit, “I’m In Love”, was number 1 on the Soul chart and the Dance chart, which is about right.

There’s a distinct R’n’B feel, especially with King’s rich vocals at front and centre, but the framework of the song is really a funky disco one.

The pace isn’t particularly fast; it’s probably this that produces such a soulful feeling.

I especially love that little whistle synth, which adds a whimsical feel to the song.

The lyrics and instrumental were written by Kashif, and the song became one of his biggest hits. It cemented his status as modern producer using new technology, such as the range of synthesizers evident in the tune.

The late 70s had synths, but to use so many was still novel. Something like “I’m In Love” shows that music can still feel natural even if it uses lots of artificial sounding synthesizers.

King’s album was also called I’m In Love, which was specifically produced in a new way because disco had become less popular in the U.S.A. By embracing pioneering new sounds, she managed to avoid sinking into obscurity. Of course, it helps that her singing voice is so luscious…

A lovely tune!

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