27/10/2018: “Blind Faith” by Chase & Status featuring Liam Bailey

Chase & Status started off making drum & bass. They’ve since come full circle, with their last album containing a number of songs that got played in proper drum and bass clubs, such as “Tribes”.

The newest singles from their upcoming album are even more rooted in the old school drum & bass scene, with some strong jungle vibes.

In between this however, Chase & Status released a lot of songs that filled the spectrum in between pop music and dubstep. Some songs like “Saxon”, were plausibly dubstep, whereas some like “End Credits” are pretty much pop music.

“Blind Faith” is somewhere in between. The song has enough vocal hooks and poppy melodies to sustain itself on the radio, but there’s an undeniable influx of dubstep D.N.A that all but the most strict of purists couldn’t deny it.

The track has a lot of euphoric moments, but it’s about a man wrestling with his inner demons and seeking solace in music. The strings of the chorus, along with the uplifting vocals, are about as buoyant as this kind of music gets. It’s truly¬† blissful.

The song was the third single from No More Idols (2010), reaching number 5 in the U.K. singles chart, and number on the U.K Dance chart!

Powerful as ever…

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