27/11/2020: “King Of My Castle (Roy Malone’s King Mix” by Wamdue Project

At one stage in my life, I worked as a lifeguard at my local pool. In the evenings, when it was quiet, we’d sometimes have some music playing – and I remember this came on quite a lot!

And of course, you’d remember this one. The hooks of the song, from the vocals to the synth, are very simple, and very catchy.

The beat is thumping and relentless, shored up by a cracking bassline – again, nothing too complex, just pure vibes!

I particularly love that little flute which crops up ever now and again, adding that extra depth of flavour…

The original mix of this is… fine. It’s twice as long and half as interesting, but makes a nice chilled out background song.

Roy Malone’s mix came out in 1998 on the legendary Strictly Rhythm label, and shot to number one on the US and UK dance charts.

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