28/11/2020: “Jah Is Mighty” by Bob Marley

Dig into Bob Marley’s back catalogue, past “Buffalo Soldier” and “Three Little Birds”, and you’ll be surprised.

Many of Marley’s most profound and beautiful songs never made the compilations, although in fairness, Legend is a brilliant album from start to finish.

“Jah Is Mighty” shares many of its lyrics with the 1970 Wailers track, “Cornerstone”. It manages to add further spiritual impetus to what is already a song based on a Bible quote!

The touching backing vocals and upbeat instrumentation give an added edge of hope and happiness. It’s truly lovely.

“Jah Is Mighty” was released on later remastered versions of Soul Rebels, such as in 2002 and 2004. It’s essentially a different take of “Cornerstone”, but I’m very glad it saw the light of day!

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