28/10/2020: “Rock To The Beat (Hitman Mix)” by Reese

It’s crazy. This song is now more than 30 years old and it still slams!

It’s like a classic sports car. Fast. Loud. Maybe slightly dated. But, ultimately, always cool, and always fun.

Released in 1989 on Kevin Saunderson’s legendary Detroit Techno label KMS, the song boasts impressive production values.

The original mix was wildly popular, but this version has that brilliant 4 to the floor thump, blended with a fantastically infectious synth hook and some surprisingly uncheesy vocals.

Mike “Hitman” Wilson, in contrast to Reese (an alias of Saunderson), is a Chicago House stalwart. So he brings in more melody, more flavour.

Considering that computers were embryonic back then, you have to hand it to these guys for doing such a sterling job producing electronic music!

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