27/10/2020: “Everything She Wants” by Wham!

For many people, Wham! represent everything that’s wrong with the 80s. Campy, over commercialised, cliched.

And of course, for many people, it’s songs like this which make the 80s such an iconic decade!

You can’t please everyone…

Where do I stand?

I think it’s a banger! That round electronic bassline, the tropical and slightly star-struck synths, the chilled out drums. The production here is superb. You still get surprised by little twists.

And let’s face it, George Michael is a decent enough singer. So relax, maybe make a Pina Colada or something bright and fruity, and get into the groove!

“Everything She Wants” came out in 1984, on the album Make It Big, and as a single paired with “Last Christmas”.

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