29/04/2019: “Center Your Love” by Machinedrum

Machinedrum is an extraordinarily apt name for this artist. On a song like this, the first thing which stands out is the unnaturally frantic scattershot drums, a shattered breakbeat rattling and lashing out.

He is another one of those producers who gets tagged with the IDM label for lack of a better term. But here, the music is clearly bass music in the same vein as Om Unit, with a footwork sound.

The bass is weighty and smooth, booming softly under the canopy of soulful synths and the sultry vocal sample.

The tone is set by the washed out piano stabs, cloaking the song in a warm fog without obscuring the sharp hits of the drum.

There’s also some chilled out guitar picking at points as well. It’s a fast song, but also supremely relaxed.

“Center Your Love” was released on the album Vapor┬áCity, in 2013.

Shout out to the guy who plays these drums live!

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