30/04/2019: “Yee” by E-40 featuring Too Short & Bud’da

E-40 never went away; he has always maintained a level of popularity, especially amongst hip hop fans.

In recent years, however, he has experienced something of renaissance, hitting the charts with songs like “Choices” and “Function”…

This is one of his classics. His distinctive style is complemented by fellow rap veteran Too $hort, and Pittsburgh producer Bud’da, who raps on this one.

The tune is built around a simple, slightly intimidating set of piano chords. Then there’s drum loop built out of a slow, militaristic snare roll and a big, big kick drum. The kick drum is actually very bassy. It’s not the sort of bass you hear so much as feel!

The lyrics are engaging, and slightly funny in their own way, boasting of drinking, shooting and cars. A snapshot of an alternative Bay Area lifestyle…

The chorus is a nice singalong one in its own way, with the “Yee!” shout adding a bit of emphasis to a the deep drawl.

“Yee” was released on My Ghetto Report Card, in 2006.


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