29/07/2019: “April Skies” by The Jesus And Mary Chain

The Jesus And Mary Chain are a very influential band, doing indie style music before it was big. It is the creation of two Scottish brothers called William and Jim Reid.

A lot of their output is quite noisy to say the least, with a lot of distortion and feedback.

That makes this pop tune something of an anomaly in terms of its accessibility. It uses clean and light guitar riffs and contains brooding lyrics about love.

The Jesus & Mary Chain fanbase is generally quite “into music”; they’re one of those bands with a real cult following. But “April Skies” was popular beyond that little niche, reaching number 8 in the U.K. Singles chart.

It helps that the Reid brothers are gifted with a fair amount of “cool”…

The song was released in 1987, the first single from Darklands.

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