30/07/2019: “Red Alert (Steve Gurley Remix)” by Basement Jaxx

It isn’t that there’s anything wrong with Basement Jaxx’ original version of this. Apart from, if you were to be picky, a bit too much cheesiness. But it was the 90s, in fairness…

Steve Gurley’s remix is a completely different song. It’s really just the vocals which are used, as the P-Funk squeals and loud bass synths are replaced with smooth and deep 808 bass hits, silky R’n’B style Garage synths, and the sort of perfectly swung drums which only a select few 2-Step producers could really master.

The syncopated nature of the song is a lot less pop friendly than the original, although the remix is hardly hard on the ears!

Everything blends together incredibly well, so that you can easily lose yourself in the sparse stabs and heavily textured synth samples. This is turn of the millennium 2-Step Garage at its zenith.

The original and the remix were released in 1999. Steve Gurley was a fantastic artist, and if you want to hear his stuff I would really recommend the Revealomatic mix.

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