30/08/2019: “Why Am I A Rastaman” by Culture

A lot of more hardcore songs about Rastafari can be quite impenetrable to people who don’t listen to a reggae.

The accent is thicker, the subject is religious, the version is more African influenced.

Here, the essential theme is feel good roots reggae. It’s very easy to vibe along to this. That doesn’t mean, however, that the song is somehow diluted and the message lost. The lyrics are a strong affirmation of the Rastafari faith.

The bassline is relatively restrained, but as this is a roots reggae song, it’s naturally very present…

The majority of the melodic power is from the singing. The verses and chorus flow into one, each as catchy as the other.

There’s also the guitar picking, which adds that crucial embellishment, a great little riff.

The song was released in 2000, much later than you might think, on Humble African. 

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