31/03/2021: “Rage Of Plastics” by U.S. Girls

Misleadingly, U.S. Girls is actually one lady, not an all female American band. But it doesn’t matter – Meghan Remy’s got about 6 people’s worth of talent!

The song has a bluesy Wild West feel, although the subject matter is darkly feminist. It’s about a woman who is infertile after working in a toxic factory.

The Wah-Wah guitar and punchy bass provide the song with buckets of drive, laying down a crunchy foundation.

The saxophone could perhaps be toned down in the mix a bit, but otherwise is a great addition to the song!

I particularly love how each verse ends with a quick run, giving the song a biblical, doomsayer feel.

The song was released on In A Poem Unlimited, in 2018.

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