01/01/2021: “Love Dub” by Cooly G

Not many other producers have made this mellow, dubbed out garage sound quite as convincingly as Cooly G.

Based on a simple, reverb drenched chord progression, the song features a vocal sample she recorded directly. It adds a more authentic feminine touch to a genre dominated by men.

The percussion patterns are wild and tribal, rolling and stuttering recklessly. As Cooly G herself has said, the sound is close to the early 00s tribal dubstep of Loefah than to the UK Funky she’s often lumped in with.

The bass adds a warm, comforting weight, completing the soundsystem readiness of the track.

This absolute banger was released in 2009 backed with dancefloor killer ‘Narst’ and a slightly harder refix on Kode 9’s Hyperdub Records.

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