02/01/2021: “Self Control” by Laura Branigan

Originally, this was a potent slice of Italo-Disco, released by Raf in 1984.

Laura Branigan had a previous working relationship with
Giancarlo Bigazzi, who helped write the song. So it made sense for her to Americanize this.

Although some of the original Mediterrean flavour of the song is lost, the production on Branigan’s version is sharper, more impactful, and ultimately, more enduring.

Interestingly, she covers the lyrics as they were written. That’s one element where perhaps, in places, some adjustments might not have been a bad thing.

It’s still a classic track, though – and those powerful ‘Oh oh oh!’ shouts, backed with an intense power chord, will never get old!

The song did well for Branigan, reaching number four on the US Hot Billboard 100 and charting in several other countries. It was also the title track of her successful 1984 album.

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