04/05/2021: “Lupita” by Nico Gomez

After the record label ‘Mr. Bongo’ dug out this one, it has gone from strength to strength.

Most recently, it was released last year by rare groove specialists Matasuna Records.

The song was originally from Ritual (1971). That said, it’s a cover of the legendary Cuban Mambo musician’s Perez Prado’s sedate 1954 original.

Nico Gomez, who is actually a very well travelled Dutch man called Joseph Van Het Groenewoud, turns it up a notch.

The dude just loved Cuban music, and this Afro-Cuban classic slams the dial to 11. Adding a fresh psychedelic twist to the original, Gomez’ version fizzes with energy.

I won’t tell you to pay special attention to the brilliant percussion – you’ll notice it anyway!

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