06/07/2018: “Freestyler” by Bomfunk MCs


I can’t really name many Finnish songs, or artists. But in fairness, I didn’t realise that this gem was of Finnish extraction!

The bassline and drums on this one help it to sound ahead of its time even now, almost 20 years after it was released in 1999.

Many contemporary songs with similar samples and production techniques will sound quite dated now. The 90s, as with all decades, has a distinctive sonic template that can often mark a song and render it anachronistic as the years go by.

Yet using some now cliched orchestral hits, a simple appegiated melody and some MCing, Bomfunk MCs create a hit that still sounds fresh today.

I think this is down to that bassline. If the groove is right, you can dance all night!

The video is also quite iconic, with the dreadlocked hip-hop kid using his remote control on a selection of larger than life characters…

Such a tune!


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