05/11/2020: “Thelonius Phunk” by Phuturistix

I’m not exactly certain what kind of music this is. Good music, of course!

But beyond that, I’d say future jazz or breaks. Doesn’t matter what it’s labelled, in fairness. Still, to give you an idea of where this sits more widely, I’ll explain that Phuturistix was a side project of UK Garage legend Zed Bias.

This sound, by Zed Bias and other early Dubstep originators, was championed for a couple of years at the turn of the millennium by Hospital Records, who now focus on Drum & Bass.

The stuttering drum patterns, whirlwind of samples and dubby use of space – and heavy bassline – place this song, and the few of its kind, at a fairly unique point in musical history. It’s a shame it’s relatively obscure, but sometimes great songs do go under the radar.

The song was released in 2003 on Feel It Out, on the aforementioned Hospital Records.

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