07/05/2019: “Arrow Through Me” by Wings

Paul McCartney will always be indelibly marked with the stamp of the Beatles. His solo work is also incredibly famous.

Wings was a band composed of Paul McCartney and his wife Linda, as well as guitarist Denny Laine. It’s more of a funky and poppy outfit than anything too deep, but still quite musically inventive at times. It’s often held up against the Beatles, and unsurprisingly comes off worse. But McCartney was still making some great music!

McCartney gilds the smooth harmonies of the song with his voice, but what really stands out for me is the fresh bassline, which provides a lot of movement in an otherwise relaxed and indolent scene.

The drums are keep an unhurried pace, bolstering the swinging feel of the rhythm section. There’s also some more tribal percussion playing faintly in the background.

The keyboard horns are another great touch, shattering the tranquillity with panache.

The album this is from, 1979’s Back To The Egg, was critically panned for being uninspired and incoherent. It proved to be the death knell for the Wings band. But personally, the sheer melodiousness of this track trumps the rather forgettable lyrics.

Unfairly hated on.

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