07/08/2018: “Do What You Wanna Do” by T-Connection

I would say that this is possibly one of the funkiest songs of all time!

The percussion is very afro-inspired, with bongos aplenty. Rhythmically, the song is no slacker…

There are about three variations of the absolutely stunning bassline, guaranteed to burn holes in the soles of your shoes!

The rest of the track is decked out with synth and guitar riffs that cement its status as a certified banger.

T-Connection are from Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas, which is a city well known for its vibrant musical output.

The song was released in 1977 and was top of the disco charts for 7 weeks.

It’s surprising that the song hasn’t been sampled more; the bassline cries out to be used in a hip hop future classic…



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