06/08/2018: “Kids” by MGMT

For a long time, I had absolutely no idea what the half the lyrics to this song were. Partly, this is because I’m not particularly good at working out lyrics. At least it’s easy just to Google them!

The other reason, is because the song lies heavy with layers of synths, effects, and distortion. But far from wrecking the song, it makes for a distinctive listening experience, especially for this kind of poppy Indie.

The song is a real anthem,  the main flute synth riff being a first class catchy melody. The other elements of the song are all there too; the drums are in the background, but lively; the vocals capture the desired nostalgic feel very well; the synths create a wall of sound for the vocals to mingle with.

The lyrics aren’t that sophisticated, but at heart, this is a pop song, and in any case it would be strange for a song about being a child to be overly thoughtful!

The song is from the 2007 album, Oracular Spectacular, and was the third single from that album.

Noisy but nice!

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