08/06/2018: “I Wish” by Skee-Lo


I’m sure everybody knows this. I sure feel for the people who don’t. In any case, the problem can be easily fixed in just over 4 minutes.

Now, some people are doubtless perfectly content with every aspect of their lives, and a great many more pretend that they are…

But this song speaks to that inner feeling almost everybody has, that “if only” feeling. For example, although a guy who’s 5′ 5″ could easily be fine with his height, even that contented guy might concede that a bit more elevation wouldn’t go amiss.

The song isn’t a typical rap song bragging about all the things the rapper has. Instead, it’s a light hearted reflection of reality, a collection of excuses for the way things are.

It’s funny, and what’s more, it’s catchy as anything. The lyrics flow effortlessly over an R’n’B instrumental that’s almost a disco song. The drums smack repeatedly as the bassline dances around. Not forgetting the little touches like the piano riff, the trumpet, and the whistle!

The track was released in 1995, and is shamelessly a 90s song. It’s a very summery sort of tune as well.

Such a funky beat!


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