16/03/2021: “B18” by DJ Marfox

Melting pots and the blending of cultures are responsible for some of the planet’s most vibrant and interesting music.

Descendants of Angolans and other Portuguese speaking African countries living in Lisbon’s poorer neighbourhoods have carved out a sound which is indisputably both.

Broadly, the genre takes Kuduro music from Africa and makes it harder, more electronic, less soulful. Its creators describe it as ghetto music, but really, it’s dancefloor music!

DJ Marfox, as I’ve written previously, was the originator of the sound. On this cut, the crazy drum rhythms and mesmerising marimba synths play out with a slightly warping bassline. Then the song breaks with a sharp report of drums. So much energy…

The track was released in 2016 on the Chapa Quente E.P.

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