18/06/2019: “Angoisse” by Serge Gainsbourg

“Angoisse” is from the soundtrack to the film “L’eau A La Bouche”, translated as “Mouth Watering”. The song and film were released in 1960, the former on an album entitled Bande Originale Du Film “L’eau À La Bouche”. 

It’s a nice little Jazz track, perfected suited as an intro. The song starts with delicate cymbals, a guitar played in a very Latin way, and the bass. Then the trumpet kicks in and the pace of the song increases. Midway through, the song slows back down, before speeding back up with a saxophone added to the mix.

There’s a lot squeezed into the short time, and much of what is there is very memorable. As one of France’s most incredibly eclectic and popular pop stars, Serge Gainsbourg had an impressive sense of winning melodies, and his creativity was expressed in myriad of ways.

This kind of instrumental jazz was the beginning of Gainbourg’s long career, and is pleasingly straightforward.


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