19/06/2019: “Piani” by Jo Tongo

This track isn’t an invitation to move. It’s a command to boogie!

Jo Tongo was born in Cameroon, but moved to France to study Pharmaceuticals. Luckily, he eventually decided to take up music, and has been making music ever since the 60s!

“Piani” is a funk track of rare quality. The drums in particular are phenomenally groovy, pounding ahead of the rest of the track with flair. The bassline is a simple up and down affair, happy to take a back seat to the guitar wizardry and catchy vocals dominating the tune.

The guitar is in two forms: there’s a classic afrobeats/funk riff for most of the song, but also a couple of solo sections.

The vocals are great, with his own vocals augmented ably by a sweet and sultry backing chorus.

The song was released in 1976 on the album Jo Tongo, in France and Germany.

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