19/03/2021: Los Indios Tabajaras by Maria Elena

‘Los Indios Tabajaras’ means ‘The Tabajaras Indians’. The Tabajaras tribe is from Brazil. The two guys on the album cover are Antenor and Nato Lima. They are responsible for the dreamy guitar playing on this song!

They didn’t write the song themselves, in fairness. That honour goes to Lorenzo Barcelata, a Mexican composer who penned this in 1932 in dedication to Maria Elena Peralta, wife of the Mexican President at the time.

Although many other prominent artists such as The Shadows and Chet Atkins have covered the song, Los Indios Tabajaras’ version is the most famous – it has sold over a million copies internationally.

It’s such an easy going, lovely track. When this song is playing, it seems as if everything is fine with the world!

They recorded the song in 1958, although it didn’t hit the big time until its US released in 1963.

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