20/07/2019: “DARE” by Gorillaz

It’s surprising that I haven’t done any songs by Gorillaz before, because they are undoubtedly a massive name.

Led by Damon Albarn, the band are notable for their self-presentation as animated characters.

Musically, they’re quite diverse in their offerings, but tend towards dark electronic pop.

That would just about sum up “DARE”, which is a song with more than enough bright and catchy melodies to counterbalance its otherwise quite murky countenance.

For me, the song is pinned onto the bassline, a very simple affair with 3 or four notes altogether played with a coarse and abrasive synth.

The vocals are provided by the sweet and melodic Rosie Wilson, playing the character Noodles, Damon Albarn in the role of 2D, and the decidedly less sweet and melodic Shaun Ryder.

The track was the band’s only U.K. number 1; “Feel Good Inc.”, the biggest song, only reached number 2. “DARE” was released in 2005 as a single from the album Demon Days.

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