25/01/2021: “Get Down (Kenny Dope Original Mix)” by Todd Terry All Stars

Todd Terry has been propping up dancefloors around the world since the birth of House in the 80s. The same goes for fellow NYC legend Kenny Dope.

It’s ageless – modern touches make it relevant for today, but it could be from the 90s. There’s more than enough groove, certainly!

The beat feels like a living thing, an entire ecosystem of percussion all organised along one funky pathway. It slaps along magnificently throughout the track.

But which part of the song is catchiest? Is it the bassline, subtle but lively? The euphoric horns, blasting out a joyous report? Or the soulful vocals, otherworldly yet intimate all at once? And let’s not forgot those Latin-infused piano chords beating out an off-kilter rhythm at the back of the mix…

To be honest, I don’t know. They are all essential parts of what makes this richly instrumented piece such a banger – and a work of art!

The song was released in 2007, on Strictly Rhythm. The E.P. has a few other mixes, but this my favourite by far. What a banger.

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