26/01/2021: “Prophet Rides Again” by Capleton

Capleton is one of the biggest stars of modern reggae, straddling the gap between 21st century roots and dancehall.

Rastafari is a common theme throughout his songs, and this one is no different. It’s about focusing on Jah and Haile Selassie, and forgoing worldly considerations.

The original version of the song is Dennis Brown’s excellent ‘The Prophet Rides Again’, released 1983. His chorus is sampled on Capleton’s track, and pitched up.

The new version is faster, heavier, and sung in heavy patois, but it still has a lot of feeling.

Capleton’s ‘Prophet Rides Again’ was released in 2007 on French label Inkalink. France, for some reason, has really taken to reggae music, second only to the UK in Europe for its soundsystem scene. J’adore!

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