29/11/2020: “I’ve Got A Woman” by Ray Charles

The chorus of this song is better known from Kanye West’s “Gold Digger” (2005). The sample is flipped on its head there – in the original, there’s no implication of gold digger, quite the opposite…

Ray Charles’ classic version is itself based on “It Must Be Jesus” by Gospel outfit The Southern Tones.

The fifties atmosphere leaks uncontrollably from the song like a burst water mains. The adorable bass and drums won’t wake the neighbours, but they’re nonetheless fairly energetic.

The brass part add the other element of colour to the song, aside from the vocals. But, let’s face it – the vocals are the main event!

Ray Charles has a vibrant, distinctive voice – no wonder he laid the foundations for soul with songs like this and “Hallalujah, I Love Her So”.

“I’ve Got A Woman” was released in 1954, and has since been covered by a dizzying selection of 20th century notables!

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